Cloud hosting provides a resilient, flexible and cost-effective solution that responds to your immediate business needs. The scalable, limitless nature of eCloud® allows you to scale your solution’s resources in an instant – whether by increasing bandwidth to accommodate traffic peaks, or by boosting storage capacity to meet your data demands. With eCloud, as your business grows or you require more IT resources, you have the ability to increase – as well as decrease – your IT resources as and when the need arises.

Whether you’re looking to migrate your entire system to the cloud, or integrate virtualisation into your existing solution, eCloud provides a virtual solution for you.


  • Reduce capital expenditure with less hardware, software and upgrade costs

  • Dynamic infrastructure that quickly scales on-demand to meet your business needs

  • Increased protection against data loss, power failure and viruses

  • Sophisticated, managed hosting solutions for increased performance

  • Reduce your carbon footprint with our 100% carbon neutral hosting

  • Simple disaster recovery plans and automatic software updates

  • Increased security as data is held in a central location

  • Maintain easy control of your costs with pay as you go cloud

  • Ability to redeploy IT staff as cloud requires less management

  • Improve flexibility & easily change your solution