SMS API (application programming interface) supports a variety of programming languages ​​to write applications via HTTP POST, GET to connect to our network to send SMS.

Main features:

  • All SMS customers can be used for free.

  • Support for UTF-8 and Unicode

  •  HTTP POST / GET, Service

  •  Online query the SMS sending records and usages

  •  Instant SMS / default SMS

  • Support long SMS, no SMS length limit


Web SMS system, without having to install any software, you can manage a list of online and send SMS , quick and convenient. Web SMS can simultaneously sent to multiple recipients, simpler than the use of mobile phones to send much more economical.

Main features:

  •  transmitted via Internet without installation 

  • Support long SMS , no SMS length limit

  • Import contacts from web to send boardcase message

  • Support Unicode and multiple languages

  • Avoid garbled recipient when reading

  • Online query the SMS sending records and usages